About Me

I’m a Chicago-based writer who is active in the local, state and national political community.

I also have a home, family and a lot of friends in Louisville, Kentucky and can frequently be found around Old Louisville and the Highlands when in town.

Professionally, I work (remotely) for a company on the east coast and spend most days engaging in risk management, operational and technology work. Though it’s not glamorous, it’s a great place to work and pays the bills.

I additionally manage a professional blog (Peacock Panache) serving as managing editor. It features analysis on civil rights, LGBTQ issues, church & state religion issues, progressive politics, women’s rights, and more.

I also freelance for the Windy City Times, Chicago’s voice of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer community since 1985.

Outside of that I’ve been published and cited in several regional and national level publications including Bear World Magazinethe LA Times, the Dallas Voice, QueertyInstinct Magazine, and LGBTQ Nation. You can view a full list of my writing work and citations by heading over to my writing portfolio.