About Me

I’m a Louisville-based writer who is active in the local, state and national political community. I’m involved not only in my neighborhood association (because everything begins at the local level!) but also in state and national political advocacy. I volunteer several hours each week writing for and rallying with local advocacy organizations hoping to convince our state and national lawmakers to do the right thing.

Professionally, I work (remotely) for an investment company on the east coast in their human resources department doing operational work and technology stuff. Though it’s not glamorous, it’s a great place to work and pays the bills.

I additionally manage a professional blog (Peacock Panache) serving as managing editor. After creating the blog in late 2012, I brought on several regular contributors and worked at building a large social media and general web presence. It features analysis on civil rights, LGBTQ issues, church & state religion issues, progressive politics, women’s rights, and more.

Outside of that I’ve been published and cited in several regional and national level publications including Bear World Magazinethe LA Times, the Dallas Voice, QueertyInstinct Magazine, and LGBTQ Nation. You can view a full list of my writing work and citations by heading over to my writing portfolio.